Host A Walk

Through you are empowered to become the leader of your own walk, making an impact on real issues through every mile walked. Every person that joins your walk is registered through materials we provide to you, and a dollar is donated by the Take The Walk campaign on each walker’s behalf. Every mile is counted in The Walk Around The World.

This is How it Works

1. Register below with the information for your walk – what city your walk is in, where, when etc, then pick which of the five causes you would like to support.

2. In order to make your walk official, purchase a Walk Host Packet which contains 1 walk banner and your choice of either 50 or 100 Take The Walk stickers. During your event you can use the stickers to mark your path by sticking them on the ground or other items along the route.

3. Once your walk is confirmed, it will be posted in the main directory of walks on Take The, so that others can find out about it. We strongly recommend you do not set up your walk event until at least 3 weeks following your initial posting.

4. Print out the walker’s form, and get enough copies made for the number of people on your walk. Ask each one to fill out their information, mail them back to us afterwards, and we will donate a dollar to the cause you have chosen for each person.

Total Miles