SMS Credits for Healthcare

Help provide access to medical care by purchasing SMS credits that will be donated to AIDS patients in South Africa.

There are millions of people in South Africa struggling to survive with HIV/AIDS. For many the greatest hurdle is to establish their status with a doctor and to maintain medical treatment to stay alive. Despite the extreme poverty, a large percentage of the population have a cellphone as their one form of communication. Docvia allows that cell phone to become a lifeline, by creating a secure text message interface for doctors and patients to communicate sensitive information and maintain treatment. For patients of the PHRU, an HIV/AIDS research unit at a hospital in Soweto, South Africa who’s focus is to prevent pregnant mothers from transmitting the virus to their child, a text message will help them to maintain a treatment regimen that could save the life of their child.

Through you can purchase SMS text message credits to be donated to pregnant mothers in Soweto, making it free for them to access their doctor.


Docvia is a for profit healthcare technology company based in the US, that donates it’s technology to healthcare facilities in need, in developing nations.

Our Goal

One month's access to medical care for 500 mothers.

One month is the minimum amount of time that a mother would need to be part of HIVSA’s program to increase the chances of their child being born without the virus.

Keep an eye on the graph to the right to see how many months of SMS credits have been donated, and to see how many miles have been walked for this cause.

Donate SMS Download Bundle


$6.50 provides one month of sms messages for the PHRU to communicate with a pregnant mother in their care.


Goal Reached!

With your help we were able to provide 500 mothers with access to medical care. Now we are hoping to help 500 more mothers stay in-touch with their physicians and nurses. Your actions can give up-to 1,000 mothers the help they need.

Months Of Access

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